This page shows video clips and images of Broad Minded City.

Architect Hannah Wear with husband and fellow architect Kevin Parkhurst talks about her perents being broad minded in tackling issues of planning and land use entitlements.

LA Architect Michael Rotondi speaks about his experiences growing up in Los Angeles and said about growth occurring in LA.

Los Angeles Principal City Planner and Director for the Office of Historic Resources in the Department of City Planning, Ken Bernstein talks about the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings and influence in Los Angeles that spurs design innovation.

Interview with Architect Jack Lindblad, who ran as the Green Party Candidate in the California Senate, 18th District

Interview with Bart Reed of the Transit Coalition

Interview with community activist Miriam Fogler

Interview with Architecture Writer and Critic Sam Lubell

Official trailer of Broad Minded City

A candid interview with Cornelia Brierly about her arrival and first meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright & the Taliesien Fellowship in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Frank Lloyd Wright Archivist Bruce Pfieffer explaining the meaning of “Organic Architecture”—the term used by Frank Lloyd Wright to describe his work.


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