Film Crew

Quirino de la Cuesta/ Director-Producer: A graduate of Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), has worked in numerous architecture firms in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and independent work on design & multimedia. Decided to make a documentary because there has been a paradigm shift in which cities are going through a grammatical shift on the role of architecture into cities and the built environment.

Nathan Cornett/ Director of Photography (Head Cinematographer): A graduate at University of Pittsburgh, has worked at a wide variety of films, television, viral videos and comedy clips in the Los Angeles area. The most notable work he has done is Ultrasuede: In search of Halston (2010). His extensive knowledge of film and media has been a asset in making the documentary together. He is a link of his work on Vimeo.

Mark Dinatali/ Videographer-Editor:
Born in Buffalo, NY, grew up in Florida and moved to Los Angeles in 1997, Mark has been always been interested in video production from a very early age.  Mark DiNatale has over 20 years of video experience. Upon graduating from Cal State University Northridge, Mark re-discovered his passion for telling stories and entertaining with the use of video as his medium of choice. Whether it’s family occassions, lectures, producing videos for Non-profit companies, informational videos or recording live shows for formal ceremonies, he has the tools and skills to create exciting and thrilling videos that you want to watch again and again.

Paul Kingsley/ Photographer-Cameraman:                                                       Born and raised in Los Angeles, Paul graduated from California State University Northridge with a degree in Photo Journalism. Paul has always have an interest in traveling and writing about his personal experiences about his travels. A keen sense of individuality and ability to be personal to however he approaches.

Special thanks to other Members who were part of the Film Crew:

Craig Pentak/ Camera
Jonathan Hill/ Sound
John Ulloth/ Associate Producer- Sound
Maurice Pineda/ Sound and Camera
Daniel and Nicole O’Leary in Detroit, Michgan.
Peter Assing/ Producer