Sam Lubell interviewed about last year’s exhibit “Never Built”
Audio recording from Gensler film event featuring Cuco
Miriam Fogler talking about city government issues on Planning and Land-Use
Broad Minded City Trailer
Kickstarter Video for Broad Minded City

Short Film coming up in the future

I’m truly sorry for the inconsistency of posting the Broad Minded City’s website. I have been working hard in getting a venue, putting together a short film and making short clips. I will make a habit to post frequently and update the latest on Broad Minded City.

Right now, talks are in the process of screening at different cities, but not Los Angeles. I would like to thank Archinect in posting the ad on the internet. It brought attention and some response, one of them is from Rotterdam. I’m looking forward in the coming months because there will be more media and important updates relating to Broad Minded City.

P1000366 broadacreTwo images showing two different cities, Broadacre City (bottom) and today’s urban sprawl (top). Are they similar or unrelated?


Cornelia Brierly, the oldest apprentice for Frank Lloyd Wright, passed away.

One of the things doing a documentary about any subject are stories and reflections you get from interviewing people who has first hand knowledge experience about things you are not aware of in terms of the subject matter you are dealing with; having to learn why and how this came about or the meaning of it.

One the interviews for Broad Minded City is the interview with Cornelia Brierly who was the oldest living apprenticeship of Frank Lloyd Wright. She gave a short interview about her days with the Wright fellowship and her hands-on involvement with Broadacre City, which is the premise of the documentary. Her interview solidify what the concept of Broadacre City is all about and gave it a reason why Broadacre City was constantly evolving model when he first proposed till near to Frank’s death.

Cornelia passed away in August 24, 2012 at the age of 99. Her colleagues and friends sorely miss her, and that she lived a fulfilling life. In honor of her passing, there is a short clip of her interview with us about her first experience in being part of the Wright Fellowship by heading to Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona before the city was incorporated in 1951 and what made her interested in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work that made her enrolled into the Taliesin Fellowship. It is showing above this post.

I’m sorry to say that she didn’t have an opportunity to see the trailer nor a chance to see the final product of the documentary. She will always be a reminder that she is part of the Broad Minded City documentary.

The background music towards the end of Cornelia’s clip is “A Century of Fakers” by Belle and Sebastian from the album “Push Barman to Open Old Wounds”.


Broad Minded City Trailer notes

This is the trailer for the documentary “Broad Minded City”. It has taken awhile but it is worth the wait and it has officially gone public (viral). The hope is to gain attention that will foster support and backing. It a project that was labor intensive and a journey that will bring a different approach towards Urban Planning, Design and Architecture in film and ideas to the future.

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved since the beginning and will continue in every faceted part of the process in turning this a full-length feature film. Below is the list of people who has been an integral part of this project:

Also, I would like to thanks the band Swim Party for allow us to use their music, Sun and Sprawl, in the trailer. They are from San Diego and found this song to be appropriate to the trailer.

There will be up coming video clips in the near future and will update any events that will concur to the documentary. Please stay tune!

Quirino de la Cuesta



Broad Minded City!

Broad Minded City is a documentary film about Urban Planning, Design and Architecture, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s urban model “Broad Acre City” and urban sprawl. It focus on different aspects of sustainability, community infrastructure and identity, public transportation, preservation and the role of the architect. It will explore the possibilities of intangible connections to society and its role into the built environment. The hope of the documentary is to spur a new direction for the built environment in cities influenced by urban sprawl, to educate, understand and create a new environment for the future.