About Broadacre City

Broadacre City is an urban model conceptualized and exhibited by the American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright from 1932–1958. He put forward a new approach to urban planning that challenged most cities in the early 1920s to move out from urban centers and live in the rural countryside, close to nature.

While some considered it as a precursor of “urban sprawl,” Broadacre City was revolutionary and brought with it the idealism of American values in architecture, design, urban planning, transportation and society. It was addressing community, nature, decentralized planning, housing, freedom, the automobile and ability to work from home.

Broad Minded City explores today’s current state of affairs in planning, design, developing resilient cities and communities moving toward a sustainable future based on concepts of Broadacre City. Plus, the challenges and issues being broad-minded, complex, multi-layered and unique, spatial politics, mobility, integrating Broadacre City concepts into the built environment and social justice. It is a story about Los Angeles, Detroit, the American landscape, Frank Lloyd Wright’s life’s work, organic living, and the role of architecture and design for cities…about democracy.