Short Clip Interview with Bart Reed

Short interview clip with Bart Reed who is the Founder and Executive Director of the Transit Coalition, a San Fernando Valley based non-profit advocacy group dealing with transportation policy, planning and land use issues for effective transportation systems and services which includes auto, rail, bus, bicycle, roads, ADA, transportation of goods and pedestrian safety.

 “Mobility is not just a question of building wider or longer roads; it is about providing appropriate and efficient systems that serve the most people in the best, most equitable manner. This includes encouraging a transition from car use to trains, buses and bicycles, and bringing more pedestrians onto well-lit sidewalks.”

Sam Lubell interviewed about last year’s exhibit “Never Built”

Here, Sam Lubell, the West Coast Editor for the Architects Newspaper and writer co-curator Greg Golden speak on their successful exhibit “Never Built,” an exhibit show featuring proposals by designers and architects that were never built, which included works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright.

In this clip, Sam explains about the “Never Built” exhibition and speaks about the possibilities of having some of these never built proposals as a missed opportunity for the City of Los Angeles .

Audio recording from Gensler film event featuring Cuco

159418764_bcca6f9620_oIn 2013, Broad Minded City screened as a work-in-progress to employees and associates of Gensler (the global design and architecture firm) in their downtown L.A.’s office. Guest speakers included Eric Lloyd Wright, Louis Wiehle and Ken Bernstein of L.A. City Planning. One of the last comments was made by another guest —the spiritual leader for the South Central Farms, Refugio “Cuco” Ceballos, who came with an eloquent, poignant and provocative speech. Here is his speech.


Gensler Screening Event

For all who made it to the Gensler screening event in downtown last August 1st (Thursday), many thanks for sitting through the event and to stay around for the Q&A sessions. I would like to especially thank Jaymes Dunsmore of Gensler to put Broad Minded City into Gensler’s film series. It was a good event and gain a lot of insight from the people who are part of the film, Eric Lloyd Wright, Louis Wiehle, Ken Bernstein, myself and a special comment by Refugio Ceballos “Cuco” telling about the concern of a young girl from Canada who tell that she is frighten about the future because the lack of nature in cities. Cuco’s comment brought a few more people into the audience during his speech. He brought a sense of realism to the conversation.

While some of the people that were mentioned in the previous post weren’t able to make it because the conflict of schedules and travel time to get to Gensler’s office in Downtown LA, overall it was a success. It is a start to bring Broad Minded City to the masses. I would also like to thank Daniel Skolnick and Debbie Gloria for showing up for the event, even though both were hanging in the background, hopefully for the next screening event, both and other future guest for any screening event will bring another perspective of Broadacre City, Los Angeles and any other cities dealing with ever growing population, identity and the environment.

Quirino de la Cuesta

 Left to right. Jaymes Dunsmore of Gensler on the podium. On the table, Quirino de la Cuesta, Eric Lloyd Wright, Louis Wiehle and Ken Berstein.

Left to right. Jaymes Dunsmore of Gensler on the podium. On the table, Quirino de la Cuesta, Eric Lloyd Wright, Louis Wiehle and Ken Berstein.

Louis Wiehle speaking between Eric Lloyd Wright and Ken Berstein.

Louis Wiehle speaking between Eric Lloyd Wright and Ken Berstein.


Screening event at Wright Organic Resource Center for Broad Minded City

If anyone in the Los Angeles area or in Southern California, a short film of Broad Minded City will be screening today (June 8th) at the Wright Organic Resource Center  in Malibu to celebrate the birthday of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright who will be 146 years old. If anyone is interested in attending the event, it will start from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm. The actual screening will take place at 3:30 pm.

Here is the link to the event here

This is the first screening in Los Angeles and excited that Eric Lloyd Wright & associates is able to invite me to screen it. Hope some of you will be able to make it for the event.

Quirino de la Cuesta


Cornelia Brierly, the oldest apprentice for Frank Lloyd Wright, passed away.

One of the things doing a documentary about any subject are stories and reflections you get from interviewing people who has first hand knowledge experience about things you are not aware of in terms of the subject matter you are dealing with; having to learn why and how this came about or the meaning of it.

One the interviews for Broad Minded City is the interview with Cornelia Brierly who was the oldest living apprenticeship of Frank Lloyd Wright. She gave a short interview about her days with the Wright fellowship and her hands-on involvement with Broadacre City, which is the premise of the documentary. Her interview solidify what the concept of Broadacre City is all about and gave it a reason why Broadacre City was constantly evolving model when he first proposed till near to Frank’s death.

Cornelia passed away in August 24, 2012 at the age of 99. Her colleagues and friends sorely miss her, and that she lived a fulfilling life. In honor of her passing, there is a short clip of her interview with us about her first experience in being part of the Wright Fellowship by heading to Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona before the city was incorporated in 1951 and what made her interested in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work that made her enrolled into the Taliesin Fellowship. It is showing above this post.

I’m sorry to say that she didn’t have an opportunity to see the trailer nor a chance to see the final product of the documentary. She will always be a reminder that she is part of the Broad Minded City documentary.

The background music towards the end of Cornelia’s clip is “A Century of Fakers” by Belle and Sebastian from the album “Push Barman to Open Old Wounds”.