Cornelia Brierly, the oldest apprentice for Frank Lloyd Wright, passed away.

One of the things doing a documentary about any subject are stories and reflections you get from interviewing people who has first hand knowledge experience about things you are not aware of in terms of the subject matter you are dealing with; having to learn why and how this came about or the meaning of it.

One the interviews for Broad Minded City is the interview with Cornelia Brierly who was the oldest living apprenticeship of Frank Lloyd Wright. She gave a short interview about her days with the Wright fellowship and her hands-on involvement with Broadacre City, which is the premise of the documentary. Her interview solidify what the concept of Broadacre City is all about and gave it a reason why Broadacre City was constantly evolving model when he first proposed till near to Frank’s death.

Cornelia passed away in August 24, 2012 at the age of 99. Her colleagues and friends sorely miss her, and that she lived a fulfilling life. In honor of her passing, there is a short clip of her interview with us about her first experience in being part of the Wright Fellowship by heading to Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona before the city was incorporated in 1951 and what made her interested in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work that made her enrolled into the Taliesin Fellowship. It is showing above this post.

I’m sorry to say that she didn’t have an opportunity to see the trailer nor a chance to see the final product of the documentary. She will always be a reminder that she is part of the Broad Minded City documentary.

The background music towards the end of Cornelia’s clip is “A Century of Fakers” by Belle and Sebastian from the album “Push Barman to Open Old Wounds”.


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