In March 21, 2013, Broad Minded City had the opportunity to screen the short film of Broad Minded City to a group of Dutch architects, urban designers, planners and urban farmers for a dinner event. It was an unusual event where I didn’t have to go to Rotterdam, The Netherlands and presented myself in front of the group. It was done in a Skype chat, where I introduced myself prior to screening it by uploading the short film to Vimeo. After I introduced myself, they viewed the short film for about an hour and a half.

Once they were done, they came to a dinner table where the chef of the event prepared a good looking setup of dishes and flowers, created by Maidie van den Bos who is also an architect. During the dinner sessions where everyone was eating except for me asked questions about the film. They asked questions which were interesting in itself and was able to answer. I mentioned to them they were the first group of people for an event to see it fir the very first time.

While the short film was already presented, by far in no means that it is done. All along this documentary will be a full-feature documentary, which will hopefully be screening in film festivals, get distribution and theatrical release.

Right now, here are some photos of the HUB dinner session event. I would like to thank Gilbert de Nijs for organizing the event and allowing me to screen it for the first time.


picture 284 DSC04191 picture 294 2013-03-21 20.49.48 2013-03-21 20.49.37